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OUR GOAL:  $1,000,000  |  RAISED:  $910,443 (91%)


Aid for Women was founded in 1978 to provide individuals with the resources they need, both emotional and material, to choose life for their unborn babies.  Following the example set by Saint John Paul II, we have made his words our own:

You are called to stand up for life! To respect and defend the mystery of life always and everywhere, including the lives of unborn babies, giving real help and encouragement to mothers in difficult situations. You are called to work and pray against abortion.”  


As Aid for Women celebrates forty years of life-saving work, we recommit to ensure that this vital work continues for many years to come, and that we continue to provide the very best services to women in unexpected and difficult pregnancy situations and their children.  Each year, Aid for Women helps thousands of women through our crisis helpline, our pregnancy care centers and our residential programs.  Now, we feel called to do more to help those in need of our compassionate help.  

Our goal is to raise one million dollars for an expansion of our crisis counseling and our residential services and to grow our endowment fund. 


We have long recognized that the most urgent need for a pregnant woman who is considering her options is safe housing.  At Heather’s House, we provide more than just a place to stay.  We provide help with parenting skills, education, life skills, healing and spirituality.  The outcomes of this program have been so successful, and the demand is so great, that we plan to expand the number of women whom we can accommodate at Heather’s House.


As some of the residents achieve their goals at Heather’s House, they are ready for more independence, yet not quite able to be on their own.  They have grown to become very responsible and loving mothers, but they still need the emotional and material support we provide.  Monica's House serves as a transitional program for Heather’s House residents.  The outcomes of this program have been very successful, and the demand is so great, that we plan to expand the number of women and children whom we can accommodate at Monica’s House.


We have been working with other charities throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, which offer program services but do not have dedicated staff to offer pregnancy tests, ultrasound exams and options counseling.  By partnering with these organizations, Aid for Women is able to establish multiple satellite centers, offering the same services as our Downtown Chicago Loop, Cicero and Des Plaines centers.  This allows us to serve more and more abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women.


Chicago is home to more than 670,000 college students.  We desire to expand our current advertising campaign and outreach to more high school and college students.  Every young woman living in the Chicago area should know that if she is experiencing an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, Aid for Women is here to help.


As we embrace the legacy of our founders, our goal is to add to our endowment fund to grow and sustain our programs, both now and in the generations to come.


To join the Promise for Life Initiative by making a long-term commitment or non-cash gift, please contact Susan Barrett, Executive Director, at (312)621-1107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..