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Many Aid for Women clients consider abortion because they lack adequate housing or will be otherwise homeless if they choose life. Certain that God was calling us to do more to help pregnant women in need of housing, and trusting in His guidance, we rolled up our sleeves and established Heather’s House, Aid for Women’s residential program.

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Named in honor of Heather Bresler, wife of Aid for Women founder Deacon Thomas Bresler, the home opened its door to its first residents in August 2011. The 4,200 square-foot residence is located on Maryville Academy’s campus in Des Plaines, Illinois, and includes several bedrooms and bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining room, a large living room, residential staff quarters, a chapel, offices, an activity area, nursery and Baby Boutique.

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The mission of Heather’s House is to support women in difficult and unplanned pregnancies by offering them a safe and secure home where they can live with their babies. More than just a shelter, Heather’s House offers mothers an opportunity to develop the life skills, education and job skills necessary to become God-dependent, financially-independent and loving mothers. Residents attend classes at local colleges and participate in volunteer-run life skills classes (bible study, childcare, cooking, nutrition, fitness, computers, art, sexual integrity and more) while balancing homework and caring for their children. We mentor the women throughout their pregnancies, encouraging them to keep up with their prenatal care, attend classes, and develop a plan for their own future and that of their child. We believe every moment is a teaching moment and realize we have a unique and blessed privilege of walking with each woman and her child during this part of their lives.

Pregnant and in need of housing? Contact us at (312) 621-1100 or help@aidforwomen.org.
For more information on how you can support Heather’s House, please contact Frances at (312) 880-9280 or fjimenez@aidforwomen.org.